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BITUMEN TANKCapacity : 3000
Liters Shape : U Shape
Insulation : 40 mm thick with glasswool
Temp. Gauze : 0-300°C
Main Hole : 450 mm in diameter
Mounting : Self chassis mounted on wheels
MANUAL HANDSPRAYINGPipe Length : 3 meters
Type of Pipe : S.S. corrugated hose pipe
Spraying Pressure : 0-3 Kg./cm2
BITUMEN PUMP1.5″x1.5″ Size positive displacement gear pump without put of 200-300 liters/min.
AIR COMPRESSORStanding make Air compressor
BURNERFuel consumption 7-8 liters/hour
ENGINE FUEL TANKCapacity 5 liters
BURNER FUEL TANKCapacity 20 liters
ENGINEStandard make air cooled diesel engine powered by 6HP.

We are the leading manufacturer and supplier of Bitumen Sprayer pressure in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. Bitumen sprayers pressure is provided in the form of a truck mounted self-propelled along with the appropriate heating system and variable spray bar.  A cleaning mechanism is also provided that can help in cleaning the pipe line of the equipment at the end of each day. Designed with all operators on a consistent pressure system, bitumen pump, and auxiliary engine, tank mounting and other accessories. 

The spraying width ranging from 2.4 m to 4.2. Bitumen Sprayer distributor is manufactured by meets the latest technology standards and site requirement.  The equipment usually comes with the tank for storage of bitumen and a spraying system for uniformly spraying of bitumen on the road. Bitumen sprayers pressure is deliver high efficiency along with cost effectiveness. We follow all the demand and necessity of the client we offer these in various technical specification and range.These distributors are applied with pneumatically operated horizontal folding spray bar that have multiple nozzles. Additionally, we offer this sprayer at a very nominal rate.

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